Book synopsis:

In a lot of ways, Henry Neufeld was just like other little Mennonite boys. He liked to explore, run around the Mexican mountainside, and find a little trouble here or there. Most of all he was curious. Always wondering about something: fire, guns, or those other people, the ‘worldly’ ones.

“Where will life bring me next?” He’d ask, wanting something more. Something not so tough.

Eventually, it brought him to Canada. And his new country proved to be a different kind of tough, leaving him in the company of recklessness and rebellion.

Until the day he lost himself in a field.

What he found would change him forever. And prepare him for taking the biggest leap of faith he could imagine. All in the name of achieving a dream, a dream of something more. He achieved it. And he owed it all to the lessons of a life hard-lived.